Tuesday, February 23, 2010

yes, please.


watching the snow and listening to chandler talk about kiddo faith. gotta wrap my brain around this. or perhaps, unwrap my brain and stop overthinking. just be in awe. like Christmas morning. only better. a lot better. "is that possible?" yep.

did i mention it's snowing? it's almost kinda bright outside. sleeping is overrated.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

clothes for kiddos [africa/post]

so, some of you have been asking about what exactly is needed for the kids in malawi.

behold, i have obtained a list! if you can help, join in. it's for everyone. just bring the gear to my office at s'crest. i'll attempt to clean it before we fill it up! maybe.

for girls:
small ladies
girls 12-14
girls 8-10
girls 6-8
toddler sized (a few)

for boys
very small men's (28x28)
boys 14-16
boys 10-12
boys 6-8
boys 4-5

suggested items:
long skirts and dresses (mid calf)
shorts and pants for boys
boys dress shirts
winter coats

other items:
toys (dolls, stuffed animals, small trucks and cars)
quality new soccer balls

they are also taking donations towards shipping costs ($3,000).

hopefully, this gives all you guys an idea of what to look for. but remember, what you have that doesn't fit for africa goes straight to needy families in post! this is such a neat thing. if you have questions, just comment and i'll get back to ya.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

tuesday tunes.


buy it. he talks about tennessee. that alone makes it worthy. haha, but no it's great and you should. do it. dooo it.

oh, and i just found a chick-fil-a gift card in my wallet! day. maker. and yes, i'm still processsing everything that's happened and all that God did in the two dnow's. my brain is bouncing. my heart is so full. grace has been the word on my heart for a while now. even before india. he's leading me to something that revolves around this grace thing. not sure what yet. i love that. he's a mystery ya know. just gotta keep seeking. i will find Him. He promises that. "I will be found by you," declares the LORD. look at the passage in jeremiah 29.

"We serve a God who loves to play Hide and Go Seek. Why? Because all of the fun is in being found!" - mike glenn

i am thankful. even when i don't understand what's happening. The Father is much more concerned with my level of trust in Him than my understanding of the situation. thanks gabe. you probably thought i wasn't listening to anything you said that summer. :)


ps. i have decided that even though i subjected myself to figure skating last night that i can't do it again. i just can't make it all the way through it. and that was the short program. please air more snowboarding.

ps4. john, thanks for the tshirt. go bruins!

Friday, February 12, 2010

begins tonight!




friday morning. woke up. ran pro presenter for MOPS (mothers of pre-schooelrs)...umm yeah i was way out of my comfort zone on that one. can you say out of place??? went to sugar brown's. got chai and saw the man, the myth, the legend...the dusty thompson. good to catch up. mentors are fun. they challenge you to be better and they don't even have to say anything. the just live in they way you want to. the greatest encouragement i've ever gotten came from him and he doesn't know it but it still means everything to me. 'twas a good morning. have i mentioned ms dnow kicks off tonight? stoked is an understatement. lots of great people coming in. and i think God is ready to do some BIG stuff among us. love that feeling. and after worship tonight we might just have an all 80's themed dodgeball party. really? yes. it's go big or go home ya know? good times.


the winter olympics in vancouver kicks off this weekend. this isn't nearly as important, but still kinda neat. i like the winter olympics. every part of it. except probably the figure skating. but i still watch it because its the olympics. pam loves the olympics so much that she has the official theme music on her computer and makes jeff and i stop talking so we can stand in some sort of reverent awe when it's played. anywhose, here is a small list of events i like (and thus, you should too). bobsled (cool runnings). luge. hockey baby. shaun white and the half-pipe. giant slalom downhill skiing. curling (trust me...so cool). delia just told me that curling was dumb. her quote, "what the heck is up with that?" but then she just asked if ice fishing is an olympic sport. oh dear. back to the list...short track speed skating. freestyle skiing (bc i can do all their tricks). get excited people. big weekend. and follow mike glenn on twitter. he's the man. do it.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

big. fat. flakes.

have i told you lately that i love snow?? i didn't know it was snowing or that it
had already snowed two or three inches until bear came inside this morning
sporting a different color. he had no idea what to do. what a goob.

today the lbk is beautiful. i love it. i feel like i live at the north pole or something.


Monday, February 8, 2010



it's great when students approach me with ideas that can change communities. fires me up. atta' girl maddy! you see, we have this great opportunity to help malawi, africa and post, texas. "at the same time?!!" YETH! apparently, a church in post began bringing in clothes to help outfit kiddos in malawi a while back. now they're getting pictures back of the kids in their clothes, which is great, but the clothes are too small now! kids grow up apparently...who knew? here's where we come in. we bring in clothes and our friends in post sort them and send the right sizes to the right kiddos in africa. what doesn't fit the requirements for africa goes straight to kids and families in post who really need them.

that's legit. we gotta help.


ps...you don't have to be a southcrest kid to take part in this. this is a community thing. just bring the clothes to my office and i'll make sure they get to the right spot.

where i want to be this morning.


my favorite spot to read and watch. belize is coming soon. can't wait to see the kiddos.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

best. game. ever.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010


we (pam, kara, jeff, and i) sat down with a pretty neat guy today and he just started telling us about how out the of 13 books paul wrote in the new testament, 12 of them conclude by mentioning the word, "grace." i had no idea. and so like any other kid, i started listening.

seriously. so, come to find almost half of the new testament ends talking of grace. my math skills are legit. look it up.

1 and 2 corinthians. galatians. ephesians. philippians. colossians. 1 and 2 thessalonians. 1 and 2 timothy. titus. philemon. and even hebrews (some attribute this book to paul as well). so that could be 13...IN A ROW. and paul's 1st book, romans, starts with grace.

okay, while pretending to be a journalism major all through college i did learn a couple things. and one of those things is that when writing a conclusion, you bring the thunder. you end well. you get your main point across. you sum it up. and most times, the shorter the better. the shorter, the more powerful. if you end well, then you've made your point and you don't have to repeat it. well, i'd say paul ends well. over and over. you see, he was continually writing to different places and wanted each of them to know the great conclusion. it's something to think about. he ends well. time and time again. to so many different people.


what's he trying to tell us?
tell you? think about it.
for me, it changes things.

for starters, it changes my talk with the kiddos tonight. i love it when God changes my direction to His. well...i take that back. most times i love it. sometimes my heart wants my way really bad. really bad.

(enter smooth transition here)

secret song for tonight is "sing it out." switchfoot.

"Sometimes I lose the plot. I feel like I’m hopelessly lost underwater, as though I can’t figure out which way is up. I know that there’s a song somewhere inside of me but I just can’t remember what it is. I want my life to be the poetry of the Poet himself, I want to sing- to be a melody intertwined with The Melody Himself. But sometimes I’m hopelessly lost, broken, spent. I fall in love with the ones and things that take life and love away from me. I need The Song Himself to sing through me. I need The Word Himself to speak into me...The song is singing about itself- struggling for melody, for life, for meaning. Singing about rebirth, the song spends most of its time in the grave and comes to a bright glorious finish, held out until the very end. To match the lyric we saved almost every instrument for the end of the song. In my opinion, the essence of the song was the only thing that survived on the record." - jon foreman about the meaning of the song.

good stuff. gobs of grace in there. in that word is the power to win. our own struggles. our families. or communities. and the nations.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

what a champ.

check out this picture that jeremy cowart took. click here.

i have much to learn.


ps. jeremy's been in haiti for a week or so now and he continually posts new pics on his twitter account. seeing their faith has increased mine.

Monday, February 1, 2010

here we go.


did i really just say that? gross. it looks as if i have vandy colors on though! FIGHT DORES!