Tuesday, September 22, 2009

a way with words.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

it's out! again!

i'm sitting here with one of my favorite people alive, brant p. o'hair IV. i might want to be just like him. he's going to be president one day. i feel it. o'hair / gregory 2012. tell your friends. we'd get to ride around in sweet, black tahoe's everywhere we went. i feel like i could live with that. anywhose, we're talking tunes and we starting blabbing about our favorite albums ever and i told him my all time fav is an old old crowder record called "all i can say." it's my favorite record ever. the album sort of became the soundtrack for our first summer at crosspoint and really, the rest of my time at the big bu! go bruins. i think it was the only record we played in the vans that summer. i just remember hearing it over and over when worship had ended and the staffers didn't want to leave. i remember one night in waco where we just sat in the pews of this beautiful, white chapel for what felt like hours, just listening to the words of each song and figuring out how soak in every thought. the third verse of "all i can say" still makes me joyed. every time. i kept telling mr. president how rough and raw and absolutely beautiful the record is. and then i told him it's not in print anymore. it was the second album ever made by crowder and it was released through ubc. you just can't find it anywhere! i had a copy at one point and wore it out. it won't play at all anymore. well, we both sat bummed out and then i just checked amazon in hopes of finding it. no luck. so, i went to the itunes store knowing it wouldn't be there and IT'S THERE!!!! THEY JUST ADDED IT! merry christmas garrett. thanks to mr. parker for the tip! long story short, go get it. so so good.

this is going to be a really good day!

o'hair/gregory 2012. seriously.


Sunday, September 13, 2009


Thursday, September 10, 2009

a BIG thanks!

okay. i owe a big 'ole thank you to whoever put these bottles of sweet leaf on my car!
they're my favorite. THANKS.

itunes. neat q and a.

josh is at #2 on itunes! buy cd's people and get him to the top spot. its 5 bucks! it's cheaper that a trip to chick-fil-a! doooooo it.


also, check out this article. it gives a little bit of background to the song "do you want to know" which was written about our belize trip last summer. good times.

okay, i'm of to international lunch. first time! should be fun.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

concert. covers. message.

so i just finished lunch break. thai-thai and ping-pong seems to be the perfect combination. 30 minutes at thai-thai and 30 minutes of ping pong. perfect. fgfghfhffgfxtrxn bbatch out.

he's just upset he lost. again. anywhose, the show last night was sweet. every time j plays, i end up asking myself, "How in the world did he just do that?!?!" and yes, i just used multiple, interwoven exclamation points with question marks. it was that good. the truth is that i really don't want to know how he does it. it keeps me in awe. but then, i talked to brian and brian knows all the pedals and exactly how they work and said, "I'm still in awe of what just happened." it was great. all the new songs are so well written and the music makes you want to dance. for instance, he did a quick cover of the jackson 5's "ABC." 'twas spectacular. be sure to check out "how to fall" and just try not to tap your toe. seriously.

as far as what i got done yesterday, here we go. i finished the covers for new southcrest picture thingy. they like to call it the "pictoral directory." the goal was uncluttered, clean, and modern. and i might have snuck in some black and gold for good looks...go dores.


and then i went to soundcheck. we got throw a football in the sanctuary for over an hour! the 8 year old boy inside me was in heaven. don't tell mom and dad we did that. then we had the best chicken dinner ever and went to a show. and then i went and ate a corn dog, fries, and a powerade slush. i feel full.

and TONIGHT, i get to talk to middle school kiddos about how great Jesus is and how He is jealous for them. i'm totally not good enough to have the privilege to do this. but He wants me to do this. i have come to realize that He doesn't need me...He doesn't need me. but He wants me. (acts 17:24-25).

and that is enough to make me re-think everything. again. He wants me. and He wants you.

right where you are. brennan manning says, "i am loved as i am, not as i should be."


we're heading through john 15 tonight. it's revolutionary to know that He knows us and that He's still willing to forgive us and "prune" us towards perfection. over and over. forgiveness. forgiveness. forgiveness. that's love. so, if you're reading this before about 6:35pm today, please shoot out a prayer for me if you don't mind! i just want to share this kind of love in such a way that they really want to know the Jesus i'm talking about! thanks.


ps. dear matthew and phillip, maybe one day you will score a point in pool volleyball.

update...tonight was so neat. thanks for praying. He was good. we had a 6th grader come to Christ in a room full of kiddos! on a wednesday night! wow. He is so good.

Monday, September 7, 2009

josh's cd release show tonight!


be there. bring friends. it's free. pass the word.
at southcrest at 7pm. 3801 s. loop 289.
directions here.
you'll love it. trust me.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

atta boy dad.

this photo popped up on vanderbilt's official blog today. i knew i had seen that shot before and then i glanced down at the bottom only to find my dad's name! we have about a billion of those old media guides at the house and my favorite thing to do as a kid was to memorize every player's name, face, and number so that if i saw them i could tell dad who he was taking pictures of in case he forgot. i was his nerdy, tag-a-long helper kid. i'm not kidding! i'll never forget those days. i still remember that kevin anglin wore #20, bruce elder wore #5, eric reid wore #50 and billy mccaffrey was #14. anywhose, i just wanted to give pops a shout out. what a guy! thanks for letting me learn from ya.

you're the best. oh, and GO DORES!


morning maker.

okay...so i'm at the coffee shop working on a project and some guy walks in and after ordering his drink the coffee girl asks him his name in a loud voice because the blender was on. and thus, he responds in a loud voice, "FRANCISCO!" it took everything in me not to scream out "THAT'S FUN TO SAY!"

morning maker. check it out here.

and i forgot to post these pics from last friday. they're from the trusty phone so they're not quality, but i thought they were worth posting. kid got his license. and thus we went to spankys with some of the gang...not a gang...but the gang. i would have been scared otherwise. maybe not the best idea to take a new driver down the new downtown freeway on his first afternoon. do not enter means do not enter! twas fun.

and be sure to check out the links on the right. these guys can be pretty funny. except for that one guy.