Thursday, February 12, 2009


so we head to belize and the island of san pedro in less than a month. holy moly. we just finished a great dnow weekend with our middle schoolers and have started to make the transition to belize trip mode. 23 or so of us are are heading down there to spend a week with some elementary school kiddos as well as help construct some new buildings for them to learn in.

i wanted to ask you guys to pray for the trip if you don't mind! please pray for safety for all and that God really does a work in the lives of kiddos down there! i really appreciate it and i'll keep you guys updated as much as i can!

mom, you and dad should be happy...i just told you where i'm going and promised updates. how responsible of me.

te he he.

oh and check out the new student site here.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

dnow 09 (the middle school edition)


so we have this great, pizza-fueled, amazingly fun, God-ordained event coming up this weekend! it's called dnow 09. simply put, we get a bunch of middle schoolers together and put them in host homes all around the city and teach them the Gospel through genuine leaders, bible studies, sports, worship events, and crazy mystery things that i'm not allowed to tell you about. it's good stuff. logistically, it's a beast, but seeing God move through the hearts of my middle school kiddos is the coolest thing ever and makes all the paperwork worth it...and then some!

it reminds me how beautiful this calling is. and so much more than that, how beautiful my Savior is.

the weekend revolves around Paul's thought in colossians that we should give glory to God in all things. it's colossians 3:17 and it's simple, but revolutionary. it has changed me. if you don't mind, we could sure use your prayers for the weekend! it would be much appreciated!

i'll put some pics up once the whirlwind weekend has come and gone.

jesus is really good.