Tuesday, June 29, 2010

for His glory.


Monday, June 28, 2010

i'm alive.


i know all three of you that read this thing are wondering if i fell off the planet. i didn't. i'm back. sort of. here's a quick recap of the last four weeks.

belize. vbs in lbk. abilene. san angelo.

there. you have been recapped.

it's been crazy busy. camps have been great. i can't write all that's happening because that would take forever and there are much more important things to be reading! next monday at 4am we leave again to go play in the rockies. buena vista. noah's ark. can't wait. i'm expecting God to do immeasurably more than i ask or imagine. He's BIG. He can do it. we are completely full for the trip and i'm PUMPED. LET'S GO!

oh and there was an incredibly good lighting storm last night in the lbk. we all just sat in the driveway. come to find that's pretty normal here in tay-haas. now at sugar brown's with the boys. bluegrass music is on and the door is open. oh, and it looks like it might rain all day.

good morning!


Monday, June 14, 2010

picture show.

kudos to baron for the picture show.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

so thankful.


32 carriers of glory. i love these people. thankful to be on the team.


ps. photo courtesy baron batch. check out husky's blog for all the trip pics. it's on the column on the right. click the link. believe it or not, i barely took any pics. seriously. b took care of that and then some. kid's got a little bit of talent. a little bit. i taught him everything he knows...about photography, tennessee culture, basketball, tennis, soccer, how to throw a spiral, dumptruck linebackers, ping-pong, life, all things apple, hot sauce, and music.

there. i said it.

in all seriousness, thank for the pics bro. incredible.